Friday, September 28, 2018

Elementary Field Trip to Museum of Discovery

While perils avail, this motley crew set on a journey to the Museum of Discovery! While the journey was long we enjoyed ourselves in-spite of it! 
Our first stop was the Amazing Science Show, where Alice learned of her super strength super power! And 6 of our other crew members were surprised!

And discovered our new dear GATE teacher works for the DARK SIDE.

We then ventured to the Body Room and learned all kinds of neat facts about our own bodies. 
 Played mind games with each other.
 And got caught climbing on the equipment. 
We then went to the TESLA coil show! Where we learned all about Nikola Tesla and his grand invention. We then listened to the Tesla Coil play music for us and felt the rumblings of the sounds waves on our feet!

 No trip would be complete without a little sustenance to fuel the rest of our journey.

Then we discovered the new talent of a few students to tell the weather, news, sports, and current events.
Thank you for all that came with us on this adventurous journey! We hope to have our own Museum of Inventors and Inventions up and running soon and hope you'll visit it as well in your very own neighborhood GATE room. 

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